We, The Hypocondriacs

Do I LOOK crazy to you?

Chronic Illness is more common than you think, especially among women. For years women have been misdiagnosed and belittled for things that were out of their control. But, thanks to the digital age, we are finally able to take the drivers seat for our own health! I hope you enjoy this poem that discusses some of the challenges that people with Chronic illness fight every day.


Can you hear it?

Can you hear women everywhere, screaming to be heard?

The “hypocondriacs”, the misdiagnosed, the belittled

The millions of women that were told it was all in their head

That they needed to see a psychologist, not a doctor


Can you hear their cry for help- silenced behind walls they cannot leave

and misogyny?

and the undeniable, indisputable fact

that women are just a little bit crazy.


But the curtains are lifting- and our voices will be heard

Though we can hardly leave our rooms

we are united

We are bound together through the windows of the digital age


Facebook, Instagram, Chatrooms. You can find us here.

And though we were told by the powerful

not to look for answers online

Together, we will uncover the mystery of ourselves


We will have to fight for the help we need

And we will still be mocked, belittled, and dismissed

But together we are strong

And we will claw our way out of the pit that was dug for us


And with every voice that rises up

We will be one step closer to becoming one

And accepting others of all abilities

Just the way that they are


And our voices WILL be heard.

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